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    Meet Cami …

    Cami BakerCami started looking for ways to increase her net worth at 10 years old through selling gum to kids at school for a profit, and loan sharking to her brother who was always broke! She owned her first brick and mortar business at 23 in Panama City Beach Florida, where her 10,000 square foot beach bar/full kitchen/laundry mat establishment was to be her home and business for 8 years.

    At the age of 32 she started her self-development phase with reading all the books she could on mind set, NLP/body language, rapport building, spirituality and a ton of other topics including real estate as that was her career. Cami was 32, a single mom in a new town, didn’t know anyone and needed to meet people to grow her entrepreneurship as an independent contractor/salesperson. And that is where her story as a Master Networker really begins.

    She saw the mistakes she was making: Not knowing what to say, how to approach people or follow up. She grabbed every business card from every person at the events just to have stacks of cards and no results. There were many mornings of getting up early or staying up late at night to attend events that did not end with productive and profitable results. And as they say, irritation turned to motivation and she became absolutely obsessed with how to be a professional networker!

    Cami started mentoring people one-on-one, then 10 in her living room and ultimately thousands over the years in multiple states and even on Broadway! Yes, Broadway….it was an office on Broadway but that’s where it was.

    She has noticed that it doesn’t matter where or who it is, we all have the same basic hang ups when it comes to public speaking and talking to strangers. Her clients have been Portfolio Investment strategist in NYC, to small town people in the mountains of Maine. College professors to high school drop outs. Young, old, wealthy, not so wealthy and everything in between.

    The benefit of this huge cross section of people is seeing first hand that it doesn’t matter who they are or what their status is in life, people have the same general desires, fears, motivations and phobias.

    This is profound to use to our advantage when networking. Not to “take advantage”, to use to our advantage in being able to build rapport with anyone, anywhere, anytime. Our net worth is directly related to our network, so let’s up our game and start building the network!

    Here is what people are saying …

    “From the moment I met Cami Baker I was impressed with her professionalism and eagerness to help. Her follow up and follow through is impeccable. What I learned about marketing, relating to other people and how to increase my business with really simple tweeks that I never would have noticed has revolutionized not only my business relationships but also my personal ones. Thank you Cami for your coaching!

    ~ Jeremy Dominick ~

    “Cami, has not only taught me about the formalities of business but has also educated me on how to interact with different personality types. I am so glad I met Cami and have her as a mentor. I would recommend her to anyone!”

    ~ Ashley Roux ~

    “Cami is very creative and is not content to wait for things to come to her. She is always reaching out, thinking of new ways to connect and network better.”

    ~ Joe Medved ~