• Stop NetWorking!

    Start NetWebbing!

Do you run a networking group?

Are you tired of the same boring
“what do you do?” question?

The Mingle to Millions Bingo card provides you and your group with 25 interesting and thought provoking conversation starters!

You can use the bingo card to simply start conversations, or play your own version of bingo by having your group get 5 of the questions in a row or diagonal. Or, if it is an all day event, you could have them get all 25 answered which would qualify for their card to go in a bowl for a grand prize drawing.

No matter how you decide to use the bingo card, the ultimate objective is that your attendees are Meaningful, Memorable and Masterful in the conversations they are creating! This makes you a hit as the host, and them Professional, Productive, and Profitable as the participants!