Hope is not a strategy.

“Giving it time” is not a growth initiative.

I’m the friend who tells you the truth. And the truth is…

You’re not satisfied.

You’re being called to a new level of leadership and success.

And this is where it happens.

This is where you join the ranks of the elite professionals who have chosen to

LEAD over being LED.

I’m Cami Baker. I’m an International Keynote speaker, author of “Mingle to Millions” and “Lead or be Led,” TV Show Host, America’s Authority on The Cause Marketing Movement and an all-around successful Guerilla Marketer and Business Strategist!

I have delivered more than 1,000+ presentations to audiences as large as 30,000 and LOVE to share the experience I’ve gained working with thousands of people to develop rapport instantly, ATTRACT clients (not chase them!), build credibility through positioning in the market and create resources, relationships and revenue that support unprecedented growth! 

I don’t share this with you to brag. I share it because it’s social proof that what I teach WORKS.

I’ve helped corporations double their revenue, been featured on multiple media outlets and hosted hundreds of events. I attracted those opportunities using the exact same formula I teach my clients.

That’s right. I built this business the exact same way I can teach you to build yours.

My mission is to empower you with the unique strategy that blends relationship capital and cause marketing so you can reach the level of impact, income and freedom you want to reach.

I don’t waste time.

I don’t mess around.

I don’t quit until you get results.

We’ll laugh, we’ll play, and I might even get you dancing. Curious?

Business is changing. And if you don’t change with it, you will send a message that you and your company are disconnected from the global conversation. And once you’re disconnected, you’re on the fast track to being outshined, out-paced and irrelevant.

That doesn’t sound like something you’d be willing to accept.

So are you ready to jump to the next level? Are you ready to LEAD?

The decision you make at this moment determines the circumstances you’ll be living in a year. The action you take right now determines how much growth you and/or your team will experience this quarter. The choice to x out or dive in will determine the kind of person and leader you become.

Are you in?

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