Our Mission

To do business development in a new way, by facilitating joyful collaboration between the for profit and nonprofit worlds, resulting in more Resources, more Relationships and more Revenue for everyone involved.


Author, TV Host, Consultant, & International Speaker

International Authority & Thought Leader on Cause Marketing

Cami Baker is a Transform Publishing, Award-Winning Author of Mingle to Millions: The Art & Science of Building Business Relationships. She is considered a global marketing expert, helping hundreds of thousands of people, just like you, to navigate through business obstacles, overcome business challenges, and transform their passions into a leading international business.

Mingle to Millions Inc is a stand for all the business people who know that social responsibility isn’t just the right thing to do… it is the necessary thing to do in business!
How do you enhance People, Planet, & Profit by Leveraging Purpose in your Marketing Campaign?
Tell us a little bit more about you, and we will strategize together to make that happen!

Here are a few of the companies we have worked with to Make Money while Making A Difference!