As Chair of the Temple Emanuel of Andover Professional Networking Group, I worked with Cami to lead one of our monthly networking events. Cami was very easy to work with in preparation for the event, and she was outstanding as she led our group session in September 2016.

Cami’s presentation on networking was relevant, extremely well organized, insightful in ways that could be implemented, and robustly and engagingly delivered. The audience was totally involved with her in a dynamic and enjoyable back and forth throughout the formal presentation and the Q&A follow up. Her advice, plainly and clearly presented, on how to meet, mingle, follow-up and build collaborative relationships in the networking process was reviewed extremely well by all attendees.

I would highly recommend Cami to individuals or groups looking to substantially improve networking results.


michael-j-dolpiesI knew I was making the right choice by bringing her in to the line up a marketing event I put on recently. Cami totally exceeded my expectations! My audience loved her. Her message was timely, fun and on point. If you’re running meetings and events I would recommend you see what Cami can do for you.
– Michael J Dolpies

tammy-laneWow! That’s all I can say about Cami Baker! There are a lot of good net-workers out there but no one can teach you how to use networking to bring in business like Cami does. I used to describe myself as being a horrible net-worker but Cami changed everything for me! After Cami’s help, in just one event I made connections that have netted me more than $60,000 in the three months since!
– Tammy Lane


Cami, I just got home from your event this evening. I took the gals from my team out for a drink after we left, had some nice bonding time.
Thank you. You were terrific (I knew you would be!!). You’re an excellent speaker and your message is clear and concise. We were all really happy to have attended and we all took away valuable information. Highlight for me was the list of questions beyond the “what do you do, where are you from” conversation. Thank you for this and so many other things. It was also an excellent reminder on a number of topics. Reading being one of them.
On a side note, you were rocking that red tonight and thanks for sharing your personal fitness story. That, too, was inspiring.
Feeling grateful and blessed for the various choices that bring certain folks into my path and that NetLunch event in November where I meet you is on that gratitude list.
Yvonne Fulciniti CHHC, AADP

grabCami is very creative and is not content to wait for things to come to her. She is always reaching out, thinking of new ways to connect and network better.
Joe Medved

Not only am I LOVING working with you again, I am already starting to see the results just by the way I am internalizing your coaching.
Michael DiSchiavi Realtor/Direct Sales

I understand how you present now. I’m not going to bore you with how good you are, how full and helpful your content is to agents or how user friendly you were to your audience. I’m sure that you know that 10 fold. But I said it anyway.
– Larry Quemere Consulting Hypnotherapist/ Instructor/ Speaker


I cannot thank you enough for your informative, dynamic presentation last night! You are so engaging and it is a pleasure watching your passion exude through your words and actions. I look forward to working with you further!
Jen Pendleton Event coordinator for the “National Association of Professional Women”

amethyst wyldfyreWhen I book experts for my Babes On Blab TV Show I look for women who are not only clear on their message but who can also serve my audience as models of both humility AND success. Working with Cami Baker was such a pleasure because she’s so REAL. She has a REAL message of REAL success and she’s also really REAL about what it took for her to get there. Generous in dispensing her wisdom, she’s also really willing to shine her light gracefully which makes her not only a great speaker but also an excellent mentor for women who want to mingle their way to millions. Authenticity is a key to Abundance and Cami has that in spades! If you are looking to book a hot speaker with a hot topic who can light a fire under your audience in the very best of ways I would highly recommend considering Cami and getting her booked for your event right away!
Amethyst Wyldfyre Empress of Empowerment for Masterful Messengers at The Empowered Messenger.com and BabesonBlab.com TV Host


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