Meet Cami

Meet Cami BakerAn entrepreneur since the age of 8 loan sharking to her brother for collateral and selling gum to kids at school for a profit! Cami Baker is no stranger to finding ways to make a profit for herself AND her clients.

Raised in Florida and Georgia, she is a southern bell that transplanted to the New England area in 1999. Leaving behind a huge bar/restaurant/landmark on Panama City Beach that she owned for 7 years. At the ripe old age of 31, with a 6-month old baby and a truckload of possessions she started over AGAIN in New England and after bartending, waitressing and office jobs to make ends meet the fiercely entrepreneurial spirit was reborn!

Real estate was a HUGE blessing for Cami. She was mentored by an extremely successful agent who taught her to go for MOTIVATED SELLERS and as a Listing Agent, she was able to make $100K+ her first year as a realtor.

When asked what she enjoys, Cami is adamant that as much as she loves to travel, reading inspirational books, dancing, and new experiences…what really lights her fire and feeds her soul is mentoring, training and being a student. She LOVES seminars with like-minded people, both attending and serving as a leader/trainer at the events. The self-proclaimed “Seminar junkie queen”, Cami is most comfortable when she is planning, goal setting, training, learning, inspiring and being inspired.

Over the past 15 years, it has been her tenacious desire to learn, grow and succeed that has educated Cami and made her an expert at communication, body language and building rapport on the phone/face to face and virtually.

People who truly resonate with Cami are entrepreneurs, business owners, and commission based sales people. Especially the heart-centered and visionary that know their income, influence, and impact on the world is in direct proportion to their network. Not the quantity as much as the quality.