About Cami

Cami Baker is an International Speaker, Fiercely Entrepreneurial, HGTV House Hunters veteran and founder of the “Worldwide NetWeb”. She has given over 1,000 presentations to audiences as large as 30,000. Her keynote, “Mingle to Millions, The Art and Science of building business relationships and mastering referrals” is also the name of her book. Cami has worked with companies like Berkshire Hathaway, Ronald McDonald House, Keller Williams and hundreds of other groups assisting their people in the art and science of building resources, relationships and revenue that ROCK! She has been featured in Success from Home Magazine, on HGTV twice and as a judge on NBC’s The Celebrity Apprentice.

“Now that we have talked about all the questions that I typically get about mingling and networking, all the misnomers that I’ve noticed, all the miscommunication, all the things that are just really being messed up in networking, what I really want to talk about in this section is if […]

1st Mindset VS Skillset (Part-1)

“During those early years in my real estate career, I did so much guerrilla marketing. It’s just amazing all the things that I came up with from antique car shows that I sponsored to leaving my business card in just the right places, at the bookstore that had to do […]

My Story (Part-2)

“Is your networking not working? Would you like to be net playing for net profit? I’ve got all kinds of fun alliterations that we can play with, but if you’re like me when you first started networking or maybe even today there are certain things that you know could be […]

My Story (Part-1)

  “Now that we’re at the end of the book I want to make sure that you do the creed. The creed will be at the end and we’re also going to have a list of different things that you can think about before you go to a networking event. […]

End of book