Cami’s Questionnaire

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It is my honor to have a conversation to see how my 40 years as an entrepreneur/creative guerilla marketer, attendance at 1,000’s of business meetings and personal case studies with clients numbering 500+ will benefit you and your goals.

I am an uber believer in freedom, choice, and discerning who to spend to with.  The people that resonate with my “Real, Raw, Relatable” style are heart-centered/visionary entrepreneurs, business owners, commission based salespeople and those who have the mindset to be one of those.  If you meet those first criteria, let’s get these basic questions answered so our time together is laser focused and results in growth for us both whether we end up being the perfect fit or not.

At the end of our 30-45 min chat, my goal is that you walk away with actionable steps to move your business forward no matter what, and that we are both capable, committed and prepared to make a decision to achieve your goals together as a team IF that is what we both see to be exactly what is a mutual decision.

My Questions:

1. How long have you been a business owner/entrepreneur?

2. What are your business goals for the next 12 months?

3. Why are you looking to up your game NOW as opposed to any other time?
What is your current motivation or inspiration?

4. What is your current income…under 50K, 50K-100K, 100K-150K or 150K+
and what would you like it to be in 12 months?

5. How much income does the average client represent?

6. What is your time frame for stepping out, stepping up and stepping into massive action?

7. What is your level of commitment?

8. What is your “Networking strategy” and/or if you are a speaker, how do you currently get speaking engagements?

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