Mingle to Millions Video Book Chapter -Card Collector vs Business Builder


“Are you a card collector or a business builder? One of the mistakes, I think probably the biggest mistake, or one of the biggest mistakes, that I see in networking events are all the card collectors. People go around collecting cards or shoving cards in other people’s hands for some … What is the misconception that we have that placing our card in a stranger’s hand or putting a stack of cards out for people to pull from is doing business? People could have looked on the internet or looked in a phone book to find your number if that was the case. Are you a card collector or business builder? Are you going to these events and just collecting all the cards that you can? Do you have the stack of business cards in your pocket, in your purse, in your briefcase, in your car, in your office, in that draw and moved it over to that drawer? Do you shuffle through the cards? Do you look at them? Do you think, “Huh, I’ll call that guy tomorrow? Do you judge people? Do you look at their logos? Do you just …?

Seriously, I know you do it, I see you, I know you do it because I did it and most people do. When I’m in front of the audience and I say something about being a card collector, you should see all the heads that are nodding and the laughs from the audience. Given the opportunity, I’ll tell people, “Listen, I want to see in your purse, I want to see in your bag. If I looked in your pockets right now, how many cards would you have?” Everybody has them, they’ve got a stack of cards. Why? Why are we getting up at five o’clock in the morning, leaving the house at six o’clock in the morning to go to a 7:30 meeting, collecting all these cards, taking our hour for lunch to run over to that other meeting, grab some more cards, then at night we got to get a babysitter because we got another event to go to. We gather all these cards. Are we wallpapering a bathroom with them? I don’t know.

If you are collecting cars but not building a business, stop it, stop doing that. I had to learn to stop doing that. I used to go around with a lot of cards. I actually have a creed, I have a creed, I’m actually going to share it with you right now. I want everyone to put their hand on their heart and I want you to make a solemn promise that you only ask for a business card if it’s someone that you intend to follow up with and will follow up with. Hand on our heart, I promise, state your name, to only ask for a business card from people that I intend to follow up with and I will follow up with them within a week.

This isn’t about friending them on Facebook or friending them on LinkedIn, this is not about sending a bulk email, it’s not even about sending an automated email. All of my emails and texts and things that I do are a personal message. Now, I am putting together some type of an automated way because I meet so many people. However, when we are going out and networking once or twice a week or if we are gathering a business card at this Little Johnnie’s Baseball event or this place at Starbucks, if we’re asking someone specifically, “Hey, can I have your card?” Why are we doing that unless we’re going to do something with it? Hand to our heart we have made the creed, we will not ask for a car ever again unless we have full intention of following up and we actually follow up within a week.

I actually have another tip for you on how to follow up with people whose cards you’ve had for a month, three months, six months, two years. “Cami, I’ve got a box of cards, stacks of them, they’re everywhere. I’ve got my folder thing of cards and I haven’t called these people, what do I do with them?” I’ll share with you exactly how to follow up with those folks so that you can clear your plate of all that that’s holding you back. When we have a ton of business cards we have some security in thinking, “I’ve got a lot of cards, I got a lot of leads, I got all kinds of people I can do business with.” No, you have lots of little pieces of paper with printing on it that you’re not doing anything with.

Let’s stop doing that, stop doing that, and in one of the upcoming videos, I will share with you exactly how to clean up the wreckage of the past and move forward powerfully, stopping the card collecting and building the business.”

Cami Baker

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