Mingle to Millions Video Book Chapter Networking Is Not a Place We Go


“This misconception has to do with thinking that networking is a place that we go or something that we put on our schedule. I used to feel the same way. I’ve said it many times. I’m going to go to one of those networking things and as a matter of fact, this concept, this misconception that I had myself is exactly why and how I came up with the term netplaying. See, networking is not something that we schedule or a place that we go. It is what we are doing all the time. Anytime we are communicating in any way, the minute we wake up and start sending something on Facebook, the minute we send a text or an email, the second that we’re talking to someone in line at Starbucks. Anywhere. Everywhere. At the kids’ baseball game. We’re always networking.

Several months ago I had on my schedule to go to one of those networking things and I was thinking to myself I had seen it on my schedule and even after going to thousands, thousands, thousands of events myself, setting those events up, attending them, speaking at them, whatever that is, even I still can look at my schedule and think ugh, another one of those networking things, right? I started thinking to myself Cami, if this is what you do, and not just you, but everybody, if people are networking, communicating all the time every day, why look at it as drudgery? Why look at it something I have to go do or schedule? Why not just make it fun? Why not look at is as hey, I get to network today. I get the opportunity to meet new people. I get the opportunity to create resources, relationships, and revenue that rock. If I get the opportunity to do that, let’s play. Let’s on a daily basis think about playing.

This particular event was at the Hard Rock CafĂ© in Boston and I kept looking at it all day and my head would keep going back to ugh, it’s another one of those networking things again. I said wait a minute. Let’s stop telling ourselves, let me stop telling myself I’m going to a networking thing. Don’t we do that? Don’t we do that as people? Somebody will say what are you doing tonight? We’ll say oh, I’m going to one of those networking things. It just sets up the tone of something that we’re avoiding or not looking forward to or dreading. All of those things. Look, this all has to do with mindset. We’re going to talk a lot about skill set in this book and in these recordings; however, 90% of it is mindset.

I start thinking to myself what are we doing tonight? What are you going to do tonight, Cami? I would say to myself out loud, let’s go play. I’m going to go play. Then when somebody would send me a text or send an email or call me or say hey Cami, what are you doing tonight as people do, I would say I’m going to go play. I’m going out to play. It made people say really? Well, what does that mean? Where are you going? How are you playing? Can I come along, too? Right? It changed how I was being perceived, received in the marketplace and I fixed my own mindset. By the time I said to myself ten, 15, 20 times I’m going to go play, I’m going to go play, let’s go play. Who’s in the sandbox? Who is going to be playing with me in the sandbox tonight? Who am I going to meet? Not what leads am I going to find. Not how can I get a contract signed. Not how many business cards can I get. Who can I play with? I get goosebumps just thinking about it. Changing my mindset.

That particular evening when I went, I showed up on fire. I was excited to even be there and even for me, even for me that was pretty impressive because look, I’m a human being, too. You know sometimes I would rather be at home with a good book or curled up with a good movie or something. To put myself in a place of let’s go play. Who can we play with? Then get there and just have fun was really, really, really a shift in my own mindset so that’s what I want to share with you. We don’t go to a networking event. We don’t schedule networking. We’re doing it all day, every day, any time we interact with another human being even if it’s an email or a Facebook post.

If we’re going to be doing it all the time, if that’s who we are as human beings, we connect. That’s what we do. We need water. We need food. We need a roof over our heads and we need human connection. Let’s just have fun doing it. Let’s netplay. Let’s take the work out of networking and let’s netplay our way to success.”

Cami Baker

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