1st Mindset VS Skillset (Part-2)

“To attract more people as business partners, a resources. Because you’re wanting to make more revenue. Because you’re looking for more of an impact or having influence, whether it’s local, regional, national or global. Even if you’re not in a place where you are … Even know a mentor that you can work with, you can start with the book, you can start with the CD just like you did here today with this recording, and you can start to work on your mindset, because now when you go to these events, keeping in mind that networking is not a place you go or something you put on your calendar, it’s what we do every day, which is why I call it netplaying. If we’re going to do it every day we might as well play and have fun.

As you’re going out and doing these things, when in our mind we are thinking, “I’m going to go play. I’m going to go play,” in our mind we’ve read books and we’ve listened to inspiration and we’ve gotten a thumb quote here or a change of perspective there, it has to … It must emanate from who we’re being. It has to. We hold our shoulders back a little bit more. We hold our head up a little bit higher. We look people in the eye when we have that confidence we need to be that which they need as a coach, as a real estate agent, as a photographer, as a makeup artist, as a multi-million or billion dollar CEO. It all starts right here.

This, my friends, is what I would share with you if you were to ask me, “Cami, what do I need to know to be the best networker, to give the best presentation, to have the best presence and posture, to package the product which is me?” If you really, really know what I know, you would know to start with your mindset, so we are going to go into the next video now talking about the next extremely powerful, extremely necessary way of really upping our game. I’m actually going to call it you do not attract blue marlins when you are fishing in fishbowl.”

Cami Baker

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